A Book List to Get You Through COVID-19 Quarantine

Nothing says quarantine like a good book.

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It’s been days of quarantine and COVID-19 doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere any time soon. You thought your home town was boring? Even getting lost in a corn maze sounds more fun than being stuck inside for one more day.

But, because I really don’t want this to turn into a real-world zombie movie, and I also don’t particularly mind an excuse to read all day, let’s find a reason to stay inside!

While I can’t dazzle you with any talents to keep you entertained, I can provide a slightly-more-than-average book list recommendation. I can’t promise the end of COVID-19, but I can promise action, adventure, romance, and more!

The Comprehensive COVID-19 Book List

(But only if you’re like, 23–35 and don’t like sports, politics, or history)

1. Paper Towns, John Green

It’s got love, revenge, mystery. It’s got late-night trips to put fish into people’s cars and to sneak into SeaWorld. It’s got quirky characters, a road trip to beat all other road trips, and an ever-intensifying inner dread that something terrible is about to happen. Fun for all!

2. Carrie, Stephen King

If you haven’t read Carrie, well, you haven’t read Carrie. What are you waiting for? This masterpiece has been out for ages and you know it’s going to be amazing. Everything except that weird period mishap, that is. Once you get through that, it’s just psychic powers, parental abuse, and a lot of pig’s blood.

3. Severance, Ling Ma

Okay, so I’ll admit I haven’t actually read Severance yet. It’s on my reading list, though, I swear! This feels like an especially-timely novel, as it takes place in an apocalypse. But don’t worry, it promises sardonic humor and Millenial-approved cynicism, so it’ll still take your mind off this epidemic.

4. The Lord of the Rings (yep, all of them), J. R. R. Tolkein

What better adventure is there out there? If you have even one of these books lying around at your house, you really have no excuse to cry bored. Seriously, it took me months to finish these suckers, but it was well worth it. It’s hard to think about being quarantined in your home when you’ve been reading about every single step those damn hobbits take for fifteen chapters.

6. Twilight, Stephanie Meyer

You know what, I’m not going to apologize. There’s no better distraction than nostalgia, people! Crack open your old middle-school fave (and watch as the cover falls off because those books were made with craft glue and cardboard, I swear) and fall back in love with a really weird, pale guy & girl who, like, do nothing for four books?

7. The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins

If you didn’t think I was basic before, you sure do now!

8. The Jungle, Upton Sinclair

To make up for my obsession with Young Adult books and make it seem like I’m smarter than I am, I had to sneak a classic on here. Which, if I might say, The Jungle is one of the most underrated of all time. Possibly one of the only required readings I actually finished and wanted to keep reading, you’ll be so horrified by the tales of the old meat-packing industry and immigrant life you’ll remember that this current epidemic is a lot better than actual life just a few decades ago. Progress!

9. Dangerous Women, Roxane Gay

Afraid the nasty women are going to get you once you come out of quarantine? Want a book to prepare for the next #youtoo movement? Perhaps you just want to know once and for all what is her problem? This book isn’t for you! Actually, this whole list isn’t for you, get out of here.

10. Ninth House, Leigh Bardugo

I’m reading this as we speak (or, it’s sitting beside me as I type this), so I can’t say it’s going to be good all the way through. However, it includes Yale, secret groups at Yale, magic at Yale, the Yale library, and it starts with a random guy just getting dissected alive in a secret surgical theater (at Yale), so, I’m pretty sure you want to get in on this.

11. if you really think you’re going to read this much, you’re lying to yourself

There you go! An eclectic list of the first novels I could think of to keep your mind off this craziness. As you can tell, I’m no expert, I just really love these books and think you will, too. I’d love to know what everyone else is reading so I can pretend I’m not just alone in my room.

Stay healthy everyone!

Neurodivergent Writer | Freelance Writing: Jsswrites.com

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